United Plastic Net Co. Ltd.

Warning Nets

One of the celebrated warning net manufacturers in UAE/ safety warning nets exporters in Iraq, United Plastic Net Co. Ltd. is providing warning net in different variants in order to fulfil varied requirements of different industry verticals.


Plastic net is used to identify;- warning the presence of electric & telephone cables; water; sewerage, and gas pipes, these nets are produced in different colors for various applications as follows :

  • Red is to warn of the presence of electric power cables.
  • Green is to warn of the presence of telecommunication cables.
  • Blue is to warn of the presence of water supply pipes.
  • Brown is to warn the presence of sewerage pipes.
  • Yellow is to warn the presence of gas supply pipes.

These nets are made in tubular form to provide a double layer of net,or one layer according to customers demand,to be a warning signal;in width of 30cm-130cm. The net is laid away as far as possible from the pipes and cables to be at about 200-300mm under the soil surface to protect such utility supplies of pipes and cables from being damaged during future excavation that will first reveal the net; and its color will identify what is laid under it. Plastic Net is used in the manufacture of all kinds and types of water, oil and fuel filters. Plastic Net is used for the fish separation during breeding in ponds and aquarium for purpose of preventing big fish from eating the small ones. These nets are suitable for agricultural purposes such as plants shading, soil stabilization, trunk protection, and also in fencing gardens and birds etc. Also fine mesh nets are used as windows screen to protect against insects and mosquitoes, etc.